Are you having difficulties with your AQUATICA WATER PUMP?
Please ensure you have read our Warranty Claim Procedure before filling in our Warranty Claim Form, so that you are familiar with our Warranty T & C of making a claim.

At minimum, we require you to upload ( or email ) –

1.  Proof of purchase, and

2.  At least two pictures of your Water Pump – one showing the pump, in place, where it is installed, and the second one, showing the fault/issue close up, in more detail.

Enter your full address inc street, suburb, state and postcode
We require your phone number to hasten your claim
We require your email address for fast approval of your warranty claim
Please tell us what is going wrong - if we dont have this info we cannot assist. "Not working" or "Leaking" is inadequate information - we will need more specific info.

Please upload your proof of purchase ( invoice ) and photos of your product, showing the problem below.

Fill in the online Warranty Claim Form above, or alternately, you can download a printable Warranty Claim Form below.

Warranty Claim Form

( Once you download and fill in the claim form, you can email or send it to us )

Once we receive your warranty claim form, we will assess your situation and will be in touch.

We may require further details or information to assess and/or process your warranty claim.

Feel free to contact us with any further questions or information on or 1300 001 707.