Pump Selection Guide & Helpful General information

Below are several links to valuable information for our valued Mum & Dad gardeners, New Home Builders, Plumbers and even more in-depth detail for our technically savvy friends.

We offer a simple Pump Selection Guide covering such things as your Requirements, Water Source, and If Pumping from a Bore. We also cover Power Supply, Auto Press Control or basic Transfer Pump, and detail for the pump’s particular Application.

Further we respectfully ask questions to assist & prompt you as to:

  • What do you want the Pump for ?
  • Where does the Water come from ?
  • Is it Single Phase or Three Phase power requirements ?
  • Will you need a Pressure Switch – Auto Pressure Control ?
  • If the Pump is for a commercial application will you need a Variable Speed Drive ?

For the Info Sheets full of great prompts to assist your Pump Selection Click here and here.

This next particular Info Sheet attached will cover information in general outlining Average Water Requirements, Suction Lift, and Friction Loss & Conversion Information etc. Click here

We strongly suggest you work out the performance requirements and offerings from various Pumps on offer – no two Pumps are quite the same in a range – brand to brand YES but not the same in a given range of brands.  Pumps will “ look the same “  but between models in the range, pumps will move more or less Litres per Minute and at a Higher or Lower Head.  To understand the concept of “Head”, please read more about Head with some detailed illustrations.

Again for our Pseudo & Frustrated Technically Savvy Hydraulic Engineers we have a wonderful chart outlining Friction Loss for various sizes of PVC Pipes, Poly Pipes and Rubber Hoses- it makes for interesting reading if you are that way inclined.