AQUATICA Water Pumps – Pump Covers with a Poly Base 

Extend the Life of your Pump and help reduce any noise and inclement weather damage. 

Defeat warranty arguments – always cover your Pump – manufacturers love to argue – we won’t let them !

Extend the life of your pump by keeping it protected from the harsh Aussie elements and raised up off the damp
or muddy ground by using the ( coming soon ) NEW Aquatica Pump Cover with Poly Base.

These Covers with Poly Base are 620 mm Long  x  420 mm Wide  x  430 mm High.

Should you be looking for a Pump Cover, with Base ONLY ( no Pump purchase ) please give us a call to discuss price and delivery costs to your door.

RETAIL PRICE on these Covers with Poly Base, is $99.95  PLUS FREIGHT. 

– Less Your Pump Dealer Discount =  $45.40 ex GST with any Pump order. 

These Pump Covers, with Base, are manufactured with easy to remove “cut outs” to provide varying degrees of ventilation for your pump.

Our Pump Covers offer the following features & benefits:

  • Patent Pending & Award Winning Design
  • Unique and Modular in Design – unlike anything else before
  • Comes in 10 aesthetically pleasing colours to suit any home environment
  • Designed using the latest CAD-CAM Industrial Designing Software
  • Massive Water Resistant Ventilation for Air-Flow & Cooling of Pump Motor.
  • Maximum Ventilation & Air Flow for the largest and hardest working Pool Pumps
  • Special Large Grid Venting for the Cooling Fan and Motor Cooling Fins end of the Pump.
  • Upper Vents for Thermal Flow, Hot Air Discharge & Natural Air Flow
  • Lower Vents for Cool Air Induction creating a natural flow with Hot Air rising to escape
  • Computer Designed offering almost a Wind Tunnel Air Flow effect
  • Easily expels any warm – hot air flow preventing condensation & moisture build-up (Sweating)
  • Comes with a Rigid & Robust Computer Aid Designed Poly Base.
  • The Base is used to lift the Pump up off the Dirt, Mud, Grass and Wet Ground
  • Comes in the same chosen colour as the main Pump Cover
  • NO TOOLS required as The Cover-Up™ Pump Cover is easily “SNAP” assembled in minutes
  • Perfect for the D.I.Yer/ Home Owner to install the Pump Cover and Base themselves
  • Can fit 95% of already installed Pumps using their existing Pipe Inlet & Outlet configurations

All PUMP COVERS with a PolyBase, are available in 10 aesthetically pleasing colours