Floating Suction Kit Includes:

  • Float Ball Material – Stainless Steel

  • Suction End Gauze 1.5mm

  • Length of Suction Hose 2000mm – 2m ( Other lengths available upon application )

  • 2 x Stainless Steel Clamps

  • Main Suction Skirt and Port around Pump Body made of Stainless Steel AISI304

Floating Suction Hose Kits :-

Product #: AQ-FSHK

AQUATICA Water Pumps put together and proudly supply a floating suction kit for use with this Range of AQSUB- SBIC and AQSUB-SEFC in both power options being 1000 Watt or the 1200 Watt Submersible Clean Water Pumps.

These Floating Suction Hose Kits can be used in horizontal, vertical, above or below ground storage water tanks where little sedimentation / or no contamination is tolerated – and so as the purest water available from your Rainwater Storage Tank is available.

Using an AQUATICA Water Pumps floating Suction Hose on these submersible pumps will also add to the life of your Pump

The AQUATICA Water Pumps Floating Suction Metal Gauze Filter is used for drawing the freshest and cleanest water from tanks, ponds or boreholes.

The Floating Suction Hose Kits consists of a float, a coarse filter housing with a non-return valve and a sealed hose nozzle.

The minimal metal gauze & the gauge of this filter mesh prevents particles being sucked into the pump, reducing wear and tear. The large surface area of the filter reduces suction resistance, which enhances the pump performance.

The float ensures that the water is always extracted from where it is cleanest, just below the surface of the water, protecting the pump from sucking up sediment.

The floating filter is used to extract and filter rainwater out of the tank, dam, pond or well.

On the surface of ANY water storage tank or rainwater tank, you will always find a “floating & thin carpet” of things like dust, pollen, tiny grass clippings, animal poop & other ugly foreign particles.

Using this AQUATICA Floating Suction Hose system you will be assured of always sucking / picking up water of the cleanest quality – and as much as possible sucking water from the ANOXIC Water Region of the stored water – typically the lower level of “Dead Water” and Silt & Sediment found on the floor of all Tanks with none or poor inlet filtration – first flush systems on the INLET side feed of harvested water feeding into your Tank.

Anoxic Water is best defined as stored fresh water, or groundwater that is /are depleted of dissolved oxygen and are a more severe condition of the stagnated water known and referred too as hypoxia. The US Geological Survey defines anoxic groundwater as those with a dissolved oxygen concentration of less than 0.5 milligrams per litre. This condition is generally found in areas that have long-term stagnated stored water with restricted turnover & exchange or flushing during heavy rainstorms.   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anoxic_waters

The AQUATICA Floating Suction Hose Kits are designed to float just under the top of the liquid surface and draw from this region near the surface where you will find the freshest & NON-contamination-free liquid.

All of AQUATICA Water Pumps Floating Suctions are designed & manufactured using components and materials for long, trouble-free life and drinking water grade AS/ NZS 4020 compliant