Develop a Water Management Plan for your Household

Australia’s population continues to grow at around 1.3% increasing the importance of sustaining our water resources. Implementation of rainwater harvesting can assist in a 35% reduction of municipal water supply.

The water quality and infrastructure concerns of governments and industry are the key drivers of the term, “urban water management.” With the reduction of our water supply occurring at a faster rate than population growth there are serious concerns about our long term water supply. Reduction in water supply levels at key storage facilities around Australia mean consumers can no longer take water consumption for granted. There has never been a louder call for the community to conserve water with the assistance of water saving devices, and water management plans for residential properties.

Government imposed water restrictions demand the search for ancillary equipment to aid in the capture, treatment, movement and enjoyment of water, and a Water Switch combination is the ideal product solution to assist you to save water.

In following with the urban water management push it is time you began to think about developing an urban water management plan for your residential property.

Simplified, your plan should involve three steps:

  1. Installation of a rainwater tank and rainwater controller / water saving device.
  2. Connection of rainwater to applications such as toilets, washing machines and garden sprinklers.
  3. Implementation of water saving tips around the home – using less water.

There are no set rules governing the plan, just one objective – to conserve our mains water consumption.

  There is a huge opportunity here for every household within Australia to connect rainwater to your toilet and washing machine to help conserve our nation’s water supply. 

In development of your plan:

  • Reassess your relationship with water
  • Learn to use it more sparingly
  • Consider all the little things you can do today to make a difference.

Talk to your local water specialists or tank manufacturer about solutions for your water management plan so you can start saving water today!