AQUATICA 1100 Watt Dirty Water VORTEX Submersible Pump with Cast Iron Industrial Strength Pump Housing, and partial Stainless Steel Body with External Float AUTO Controller.


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Technical Information & Performance Parameters:-

Model – Pump Code # :AQ-CIDWS1100 Dirty Water Submersible Pump
Power Rating:1100 Watt - 1.1kW -(OUTPUT Rating 750 Watt - 0.75Kw)
External Float control:Controlled ON and OFF via External Float Switch attached to Pump
Best Use Application:Storm Water, Sump Draining, Waste and Grey Water Transfer, Septic Treatment Systems (Soft Solids upto 35 mm) Great for Dewatering Pits, Ponds, Ditches, Drains, Basements and Cellars of clean water, dirty water and light slurries.
Max. Delivery Rate:20000 L/Hour – 20m³/Hour
Able to move Soft Solid / Grain size material upto :35mm in size
Max. Litres Flow:333 Litres per Minute
Max. Delivery Head:9 Meters Head
Max. Submersible Depth:7 Meters
Inlet & Outlet Size:Inlet Max. 35 mm & Outlet G2" - 2 inch - 50 mm, Pump includes a Universal Hose Tail Adaptor
Impellers:1 x Impeller
Impeller Material:Made using HT200 Cast Iron
Drive Shaft Bearings: GERMAN Designed & Made – FAG Roller Bearings
Mechanical Seal: ITALIAN Designed & Made MECHANICAL Seal by MTU Group. Double Ceramic - Graphite + Oil Barrier and Lip Seal
Pump Dimensions:535 mm High x 278 mm Wide - Approx.
Pump in Box Packed:580 mm High x 320 mm Wide - Approx.
Power Cable Length : 10 meter - H07RNF Neoprene Chemical and Oil Resistant Cable
Voltage:220V-240 V /50Hz
Current - Amperage:6.5 Amp
Motor Speed:2850 RPM
Insulation Class:Class B
Protection Class:IP68
Total Weight:21.5 kg

This Range of Pumps is also available in other Power-Performance Options being: 250 Watt,  450 Watt, and  750 Watt


1.Massive Industry Best –3 Year Warranty without paying a huge price – all due to UPGRADED INTERNALS !
2.External Float Controller incorporated into Pump to assist with Auto On-Off Control
3.Made using the best MECHANICAL SEAL money can buy:- UPGRADED to MTU – Worlds #1 Mechanical Seal Designed and Made by Italian Owned Company Meccanotecnica Umbra S.p.A. – The MTU Group.
4.Made using the best BEARINGS money can buy:- UPGRADED to FAG – #1 German Made Roller Bearings.
5.Cast Iron Pump Body giving great strength and absolute reliability & longevity, coupled with Stainless Steel Motor Housing.
6.AISI 304 Stainless Steel Tip- Welded Shaft. Quality Impeller made using Cast Iron
7.1st Grade Motor using solid COPPER WINDINGS ( some cheap pumps use Aluminium )
8.Stator & Rotor made using Precision Punched Silicon Steel Sheet
9.240 Volt – 50 Hz Induction Motor with Overload and Run Dry Cut-Out
10.This Pump will STOP running when it is overheating / hot. The Pump when it cools will AUTOMATICALLY RESET.
11.Built–In Carrying Handle on Pump for assisting lifting in and out of pit, ditch, drain etc. so you do not lift the Pump by the Power Lead.
11.This Pump comes well elevated off the floor of dirty water receptacle by using 3 Stainless Steel Feet offering a wide gap and entry point to pump mouth.

Suggested Applications for this 1100 Watt Pump, best used for & NOT limited to :-

  • Small-sized Submersible Dirty Water Pump with External Float Control for use around home, garden and building site applications.
  • Absolutely ideal in & around a generally small sized Home & Garden environment.
  • An ideal Pump for transfer of Dirty Water from one point to another.
  • While robust the Pump weighing 21.5kg is easily lifted or transported by hand around a home or building site.
  • This Pump can be used with other Liquids similar to water with similar physical viscosity and must have ZERO / NON-Corrosive properties.
  • This Pump is designed and best used for transfer of Storm Water, Sump Draining, Waste and Grey Water Transfer, Septic Treatment Systems (Soft Solids up to 35 mm).
  • Great for Dewatering Pits, Ponds, Ditches, Drains, Basements and Cellars of clean water, dirty water and light slurries.