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AQUATICA 1300 Watt Sewage Cutter Submersible Pump with Cast Iron Industrial strength Pump Housing, and partial Stainless Steel Body with External Float AUTO Controller - that can be left suspended & flipped to carry handle.

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Features & Benefits for this #1 – TOP SHELF SUBMERSIBLE SEWAGE CUTTER PUMP

1.Massive Industry Best –3 Year Warranty without paying a huge price – all due to UPGRADED INTERNALS !
2.External Float Controller incorporated into Pump to assist with Auto On-Off Control
3.Made using the best MECHANICAL SEAL money can buy:- UPGRADED to MTU – Worlds #1 Mechanical Seal Designed and Made by Italian Owned Company Meccanotecnica Umbra S.p.A. – The MTU Group.
4.Made using the best BEARINGS money can buy:- UPGRADED to FAG – #1 German Made Roller Bearings.
5.Cast Iron Pump Body giving great strength and absolute reliability & longevity, coupled with Stainless Steel Motor Housing.
6.Main Shaft made of 2Cr13 – Martensitic Stainless Steel 420
7.High Speed Knife Cutter Blade is made using the 9Cr18 Stainless Steel
8.1st Grade Motor using solid COPPER WINDINGS ( some cheap pumps use Aluminium )
9.Stator & Rotor made using Precision Punched Silicon Steel Sheet
10.240 Volt – 50 Hz Induction Motor with Overload and Run Dry Cut-Out
11.This Pump is built with a Thermal Protector
12.This range of Submersible Sewage Cutter Pumps under special order can be made for THREE PHASE, 380V – 415V
13.Operating Conditions for these Pumps is best upto a liquid temperature +35 degrees celsius
14.The maximum ambient operating temperature is upto +40 degrees celsius.
15.Built–In Carrying Handle on Pump for assisting lifting of pump in and out of sewage vessel / tank.
16.This carry handle can also have a Stainless Steel cable tethered to the Pump to ease retrieval or lowering Pump into position

Technical Information & Performance Parameters:-

Pump Model # :AQ-SEWCIS11300 SEWAGE Submersible Pump
Power Rating OUTPUT :1300 Watt – 1.3kW
Best Use Application:Grinding, Cutting & Transfer of Raw Sewage, Sump Draining, and movement of Black Water.
External Float control:Controlled ON and OFF via External Float Switch attached to Pump
Max. Delivery Rate:18000 L/Hour – 18m³/Hour
Max. Litres Flow:300 Litres per Minute
Max. Delivery Head:12 Meters Head
Max. Submersible Depth:5 Meters
Outlet Size:Outlet G2″ – 2 inch – 50 mm, Side Discharge Port
Fixed Cutter Blade:9Cr18 – High Carbon Chromium Stainless Steel similar to AISI440C Stainless Steel – Best material for long term sharp cutting edge
High Speed Knife Cutter:High Speed Spinning Knife Cutter Blade is made using the 9Cr18 Stainless Steel
Main Pump Body and Impeller:Upper Cover, Pump Body and Impeller made using Cast Iron HT200. Central Motor Case made using Stainless Steel AISI304.
Motor – Drive Shaft Material:Main Shaft made of 2Cr13-Martensitic Stainless Steel 420
Drive Shaft Bearings: GERMAN Designed & Made – FAG Roller Bearings
Mechanical Seal: ITALIAN Designed & Made MECHANICAL Seal by MTU Group – Carbon Ceramic NBR
Pump Dimensions:515 mm High x 255 mm Wide – Approx.
Pump in Box Packed:560 mm High x 300 mm Wide – Approx.
Power Cable : 10 meters long- H07RNF Neoprene Chemical and Oil Resistant Cable
Voltage:220V-240 V /50Hz
Current – Amperage:Amperage Draw –
Motor Speed:2850 RPM
Insulation Class:Class F
Protection Class:IP68
Total Weight:24 kg

This Range of Pumps is also available in other Power-Performance Options being: 1100 Watt and 1800 Watt

Suggested Applications for this 1300 Watt Pump, best used for & NOT limited to :-

  • An ideal pump for Emulsification and transfer of sewage and other putrid liquids from one point to another.
  • While robust the Pump weighing 24kg is easily lifted or transported by hand in and out of it’s working environment/tank.
  • This Pump can be used with other Liquids similar to water with similar physical viscosity and must have ZERO / NON-Corrosive properties.
  • Can also be used for the movement of suspended solids and light slurries.