Construction Characteristics

  • Real time indication of system pressure displayed on LED display
  • 1.5 Meter long power lead and 3 pin Australian plug
  • 0.6 Meter long pump power lead, 3 pin Australian plug and play
  • Made using approved food grade materials
  • Special NON RETURN VALVE to avoid water surging.
  • Has Built In NO flow & Loss of prime protection
  • Manual start switch (RESET)
  • Voltage LED (GREEN power on light)
  • Pump working LED (ORANGE pump on light)
  • Security System LED (STATUS)
  • Adjustable Cut In Starting Pressure

Technical Information & Performance Parameters:-

Model – Pump Code # :AQSKD2300 Digital Pump
Applications :Suitable for supplying water to domestic households.
Suitable for small – medium scale home garden irrigation pumps.
Set Starting Pressure Range:(Mode 1) 0.5- 6.0 bar
Set Starting Pressure and Stopping Pressure:(Mode 2) Starting pressure range: 0.5-6bar
Stopping Pressure Range:0.8 - 9.8bar
Max Rated Amperage Draw:10A
Max. Power:2200 Watt, - 2.2kW
Max. Working Pressure:1Mpa- 10bar- 145psi
Rated Voltage:AC 220V
Minimum Flow:0.5 Litres per Minute
Max Working Temperature:60℃
Max Medium Temperature:60℃
Protection Grade:IP54
INLET & OUTLET of Pressure Control:BOTH are G1” or 25 mm both
Package Information - Weight:1.5kg
Package Information - Size of Unit:210mm L x 190mm H x 180mm W

The NEW AQUATICA DiGiPRESS BOSS – AQ-SKD2300 controller combines the advantages of both a standard Auto Pressure Control Switch and an upgraded electronic – Digital Automatic Restart Pressure Controller.

The AQUATICA DiGiPRESS BOSS -2300 is an electronic Auto Pressure Controller used to control electric Pumps of 2.2kW and less & of 240V – 50Hz power feed.

The AQUATICA DiGiPRESS BOSS -2300 is manufactured to the highest standard and by a Company with over +20 Years’ experience in manufacturing Auto Press Controls for the GLOBAL Water Pump supply marketplace. Having made literally millions of more basic Auto Press Controls ( PC-10 & PC-12 ) over the 20 years they certainly know what they are doing !

The DiGiPRESS BOSS -2300 AUTOMATICALLY monitors the Pumps overall operation & both the Pumps pressure and the water flow. Due to The DiGiPRESS -2300 AUTOMATIC programming and unique design, there is no need for a separate expansion chamber or external pressure vessel.

The DiGiPRESS -2300 AUTOMATICALLY will protect the pump should the water supply from your Tank or mains feed dry-up or fail. The DIGIPRESS-2300 will AUTOMATICALLY search for water back in your Tank etc. & will restart the Pump form normal operation once your water source is restored.

The DiGiPRESS BOSS -2300 electronic pump controller operates with a fully adjustable cut in /starting pressure of between 0.5-6.0 bar and a stop or cut out pressure of between 0.8 – 9.8 bar.

The DiGiPRESS BOSS -2300 AUTOMATICALLY has the ability to operate as either a standard auto restart pressure controller ( start pressure to be set ) or an automatic restart loss of prime pressure switch ( start and stop pressure to be set ).

The DiGiPRESS BOSS -2300 actual INTELLIGENT operation offers the Pump & Homeowner the ease and ability to have full control of the Pumping pressure system across a broad range of settings.

The DiGiPRESS BOSS -2300 has both INLET & OUTLET Ports 1”BSPM. ( 25 mm )

The DiGiPRESS BOSS -2300 comes with a full and detailed operations manual – check sheet to assist you, the plumber – installer setting the required program.

The DiGiPRESS BOSS has TWO (2) Built-in working Modes via a single push button :

Change between Mode 1 (Change Cut In pressure only) and Mode 2 (Change Cut In and cut out) via a single button push

Mode 1. Intelligent Mode:

Set the starting pressure value by manual, it can control the water pump automatically according to the set pressure value and system flow signal.

Mode 2. Pressure Control Mode:

Set the water pump starting pressure value and stopping pressure value. When the system pressure is lower than the starting pressure, the pump starts working; or – When the system pressure is higher than the pump stopping pressure, the pump WILL stop working.


  1. The DiGiPRESS BOSS -2300 will Stop and Start the Pump Automatically when the tap is open or closed. This means the operator does not need to turn off the pump after use.
  2. The DiGiPRESS BOSS -2300 has RUN-DRY Protection built in & will Stop the Pump in the case of water shortage such as the Rainwater Tank feed or Dam etc runs dry.
  3. The DiGiPRESS BOSS -2300 maintains a constant pressure during operation resulting in a reliable water supply when required
  4. The DiGiPRESS BOSS -2300 after any power cut, failure, or black-out or the unit will AUTOMATICALLY restart the pump once the power is restored and back on again.
  5. The DiGiPRESS BOSS -2300 can be easily reset and if need-be even Forced to Restart the Pump by manual input & override.
  6. The DiGiPRESS BOSS -2300 comes with programmed O.P.P or Over-Pressure Protection and will stop the pump automatically when the system pressure exceeds 9.8 bar.
  7. When, or if, the Pump loses prime it will stop working after 20 seconds, – then it will restart after 10 seconds and runs for 40 seconds and then stops again – then after another 10 seconds it runs for another 40 seconds after which if NO WATER IS DETECTED or available the Pump will Turn OFF for 24 Hours repeating the process every 24 hours until water is available from transfer or rainfall etc.
  8. This constant “Built-In searching programme“ gives the homeowner total peace of mind that the Pump will continue to operate when nobody is around such as away ion a holiday etc. This will keep irrigation of Gardens on target so-long as a Water Source is available.
  9. High precision MEMS pressure sensor allows DIGITAL / LED displays system pressure value in real-time.
  10. The DiGiPRESS BOSS Controller is able to keep the Water Pump running at flows as low as 0.5L/min – this ability will assist to maintain the smallest water supply
  11. Real time indication of system pressure is DIGITALLY displayed on screen so a separate traditional face-dial gauge – or any form of inline pressure gauge is no longer required
  12. Plug and play leads ( IEC type ) installed on the controller so that a licensed electrician is not required to replace the controller if required