AQUATICA 370 Watt Intelligent Turbine-Vortex Pump

Teflon Coated Internal Cast Iron Pump Body with Solid Brass Impeller

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Technical Information & Performance Parameters:-

Model – Pump Code # :AQS2-IVT370 Single Stage Turbine/Vortex Pump
Power Rating :370 Watt – 0.37kW- 0.5 H.P.
AUTO Press. Control:YES - Latest Technology BUILT-IN TO MAIN BODY
Max. Delivery Rate:2300 L/Hour – 2.3m³/Hour
Max. Litres Flow:38 Litres per Minute
Max. Delivery Head:38 Meters Head
Max. Submersible Depth:8 Meters
Inlet & Outlet Size:Inlet & Outlet are both 25 mm – 1” Stainless Steel
Impellers:Single-Stage - Brass
Impeller Material:Made using 100% Solid Brass Turbine with Anti-Block System
Drive Shaft Bearings: GERMAN Designed & Made – FAG Roller Bearings
Mechanical Seal: ITALIAN Designed & Made MECHANICAL Seal by MTU Group
Pump Dimensions ( Approx ):265 mm Long x 185 mm High x 122 mm Wide
Pump in Box Packed:300 mm Long x 220 mm High x 150 mm Wide
Voltage:AC220-240 Volt – 50Hz
Motor Speed:2850 RPM
Insulation Class:Class F
Protection Class:IPX4
Total Weight:6.2 kg

This Range of Pumps is also available in other Power-Performance Options being: 550 Watt & 750 Watt

Features & Benefits for this #1 – TOP SHELF QUALITY PUMP :-

Massive Industry Best –3 Year Warranty without paying a huge price – all due to UPGRADED INTERNALS !
Newest and Latest Technology built into the DiGiPress Boss ™ Controller made by a company with 20 Years Experience making Auto Pressure Controllers.
The Adjustable Pressure Settings for Best Performance offering a vast range between Cut-In Pressure and Maximum Cut-Out Pressure
Made using the best MECHANICAL SEAL money can buy:- UPGRADED to MTU – Worlds #1 Mechanical Seal Designed and Made by Italian Owned Company Meccanotecnica Umbra S.p.A. – The MTU Group.
Made using the best BEARINGS money can buy:- UPGRADED to FAG – #1 German Made Roller Bearings.
Stainless Steel Water Bowl being tested for Drinking Water to meet AS / NZS 4020 Standard for Drinking Water.
Stainless Steel Pump Housing and End Plate with Stainless Steel Impellers provides absolute reliability & longevity.
AISI 304 Stainless Steel Tip- Welded Shaft
Impellers made of Solid Stainless Steel meeting AS / NZS 4020 approval for Drinking Water
1st Grade Motor using solid COPPER WINDINGS ( some nasty cheap Pumps use Aluminium Windings )
Stator & Rotor made using Precision Punched Silicon Steel Sheet
Integrated Non-Return Valve
220Volt – 50 Hz Induction Motor with Overload and / or Run Dry Cut-Out
This Pump will STOP running when it is overheating or hot, & will AUTOMATICALLY RESET.

Suggested Applications for this 370 Watt Pump, best used for & NOT limited to :-

  • Mid-sized AUTO Pressure Pump for a small home, villa and garden applications.
  • Absolutely ideal in & around a small Home & Garden.
  • An ideal AUTO Pump when working with and at the end of a 30-meter hose around the Garden, with ease and good flow.
  • An ideal AUTO Pump for any Home conducting Rainwater Harvesting and distribution around a small Home
  • An ideal AUTO Pump for transfer of Water from Rainwater Tanks to a Pool for top-up etc.
  • An Ideal AUTO PUMP for irrigation and driving one sprinkler, at a time, for Gardens and Lawns etc.
  • An ideal AUTO Pump for feeding a small single-story house or cottage in full should you only have Tank Water.
  • This Pump can be used with other Liquids similar to water with similar physical viscosity and must have ZERO / NON-Corrosive properties.
  • This Pump is designed and best used for transfer of CLEAN WATER ONLY- NO solids can be pumped.