2019 New Pump Arrivals At Aquatica Water Pumps

We at AQUATICA Water Pumps are excited for 2019 as we gain traction with new valued customers of all sizes and shapes from Mum & Dad Pump Shops, Tank Manufacturers through to National Supply Chains, Plumbing Supply Stores and Home Handyman & Trade / Retail Outlets.

Our new shipment has arrived in Brisbane!

One container is full of our TOP SHELF Quality – Brilliant Bang-for-Buck Clean Water Submersible Pumps in both 1000 Watt ( 650 Watt P2 ) and 1200 Watt ( 750 watt P2 ) variants with different Max. Head Range up to 48 Meter Head and 105 L/PM –

These Pumps are REAL game changers where they are as good as GRUNDFOS’ DAB Divertron/s and the Claytech C6 and C7 – all with BUILT IN AUTO PRESSURE CONTROL & QUALITY COMPONENTS

Our QUALITY PUMPS have also been upgraded to use GERMAN Roller Bearings and Italian Made Mechanical Seals – simply the best your money can buy ! – Yet all so much better priced than the DAB and Claytech – GRUNDFOS equivalent.

Average savings are $120-$150 per unit for Pump Dealers and Wholesalers, which translate to $250-$300 savings for end users, but all for the same QUALITY and PERFORMANCE against our competition.  And we provide a 3 Year Warranty as well!

These pumps are 3 months away from AS/NZ 4020 Standards Certification from the Australian Water Quality Centre, and we look forward to heralding this achievement.

AQUATICA Water Pumps ONLY serve the Pump Trade and Industry DIRECT – it does not supply the General Consumer.

If you are a Pump Reseller call for more information and pricing on 1300 – 001 707.

For end users, please also call us and we will connect you to your nearest stockist.